JETDSP is a general purpose data display and analysis program that runs in the IDL environment. It supports:

  • reading data from the JET machine and related systems (JPF, PPF, CGRT, TRANSP, MDSplus, etc)
  • creating standard 2D plots of signal vs time-vector or signal vs x-vector
  • creating contour or surface plots from signals that are a function of two independent variables
  • annotating with text
  • signal processing using IDL
  • saving of sets of signals ('Standard Sets') to a file for re-use in later sessions
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Current features are covered in the online manual (also linked to from the 'help' menu within the programme).

If you are having any problems using JETDSP, and the topic is not covered in the FAQ, then please e-mail us at the address below.

For information on recent releases and bugfixes, please visit Data and Coding news.

If you would like to request new features for JETDSP, please submit suggestions to the Requests for Work forum.

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JETDSP includes code from David Fanning's Coyote IDL Program Libraries. Licensing information is available here

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